Specialty Charcuterie and Antipasto


Charcuterie boards are a popular appetizer with many of our customers, and who could blame them with all the delicious meats, cheeses, and accouterments available. Here at The Butchery, we make a number of these items in house, bringing you the freshest, most flavorful selections for your charcuterie needs.

Our house pátés are rich and hearty, a great addition to any charcuterie or wonderful on their own.

A selection of salamis, chorizos, sausages, and prosciutto round out the meat selections. But there is more…

Stuffed peppers, salty olives, grilled artichokes, and a store full of spreads, jams, mustards, and other treats will help you create a cheese plate, charcuterie board, or appetizer buffet that will leave guests raving.

Or, if you’re like us – Charcuterie will soon be one of your favorite go to meals


pate-from-the-butcheryPáté  de Campagne

Country style pork pátés with pistachios and bacon.

Duck Terrine

Duck, burgundy, cranberries, and apricots.

Mousse Truffle

Duck liver and truffle.

Babette’s Table Dry Cured Salami

Choice of ~Sauscisson Sec, Spicy Sopressata, or Finochionna. These salamis are hand made in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, in small batches with French methodologies taught by the sausage-maker’s French mentor. A must try.

home-made-trufa-sausageCharlito’s Trufa Seca

This salami is made with truffle.

house-made-chorizo-sausageFermin Chorizo

A Spanish style chorizo sausage with  a mild flavor.


La Quercia pre-sliced prosciutto.

iberico-sausage-the-butcheryJamon Iberico

Fermin, pre-sliced.


Spicy, spreadable prosciutto salami great on hard bread or crackers.

Marinated Mushrooms

Mixed mushrooms in our house marinade.

Mixed Greek Olives

Marinated Greek olive mix– contains Kalamata, black and green olives flavored with herbs. Perfect for appetizers. Best served at room temperature. Contain pits.

Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olives can only be found in Greece. These large, meaty olives have a beautiful dark purple color and adds depth of flavor to dishes while bringing a bright, salty layer to charcuterie boards. Pitted.

Castlevetrano Olives

Castlevetrano olives have a light green color and boasts a smooth, buttery flavor. These olives are grown for olive oil, but are wonderful as table olives. Pitted.

Sweet Peppadews

A sweet and slightly spicy pepper pickled in a sweet and sour brine, these delicious treats are perfect for stuffing. Sweeter than a pepperoncini.

bowl of TapenadeTapenade

Green olives, capers, roasted peppers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and herbs are combined for a delicious relish like spread. Delicious on bread or when added to stuffings.

artichokes-on-a-platterRoman Artichokes

Italian artichokes, grilled and packed in sunflower oil. Wonderful just as they are on a cheese plate or charcuterie board, they also make a tasty addition to a pizza or salad.